More confidence through product testing

Qualitä tests, evaluates and certifies consumer products in order to offer consumers more security and better purchasing decisions based on a standardized test procedure and the resulting test seal.

For brands and companies, the seal can generate higher click-through and conversion rates through the valuable differentiation from the competition. It strengthens purchasing confidence and gives potential customers more security when understanding the product quality.

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This is how we test!

We carry out our product tests according to a transparent and conclusive evaluation system. Points such as packaging, functionality, quality or the price-performance ratio are included in the final grade. You can find more information about our detailed checklist here.

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For companies / companies:

Our Qualitä test seal increases purchasing confidence and gives your customers more confidence in understanding the quality of your products. Commission us now with a free pre-check of your products to find out whether they are suitable for our quality seal of approval.

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For end customers / consumers:

Products with the Qualitä seal are tested manually by our team of qualified inspectors. The results are freely available to consumers. All test criteria are publicly accessible under the corresponding QS code.

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What are the benefits for the end user/consumer?

  • Greater certainty in purchasing decisions through product testing based on consistent test criteria.
  • Test reports can be called up at any time on the Qualitä website.
  • Verification of the test seal validity through a unique QS code.

How do we create the content of our test reports?

  • Each product is physically tested by real, qualified testers.
  • Other available product information, such as ratings from the Internet and the like, are included in the overall rating.
  • You can find out more about the exact test procedure here.

How can I submit products for testing?

Send us your product and within 3-5 working days we will assess whether it meets the basic quality criteria for our Qualitä seal. You can then decide whether you want us to create your test seal.

Use our free pre-check!

If you would like to have a larger number of products (>5) tested, please contact us via our contact form !

What advantages does our seal of approval have for you and your products?

With an optimal graphic use of our high-quality seal of quality, the following key figures can be improved:

  • Higher sales (by increasing the CTR and CR)
  • Lower advertising costs (by optimizing the ACoS)
  • More customer trust (e.g. support with the product launch by Siegel Trust and even if there are no ratings yet)

How much does the test and certification of the seal of approval cost?

Our pre-check is free of charge!

If your product passes this, you can then commission the comprehensive test, which is subject to a fee, and you will receive your test seal.
A small license fee is charged for our Qualitä seal of approval.

You can find all information about the costs here .

Simply order your free pre-check now using our contact form !

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