What is the pre check?

The pre-check (or preliminary test) includes the free assessment and initial assessment of a product. This ensures that the test product meets the requirements of our quality standard (QS standard). An official test to acquire the Qualitätssieger.de seal of approval can only be commissioned if the pre-check is passed positively.

For a free pre-check

Your 3 advantages of the pre-check:

  • You will receive a free and well-founded initial assessment of whether your product is suitable for our seal of quality.

  • If your product does not meet the quality requirements for our seal, you will find out which defects we have discovered and what our recommendations for optimization are.

  • No matter how the pre-check turns out - you do not enter into any obligations to commission a Qualitätssieger.de seal of approval .

Good to know:

Your product PASSES the pre-check :
You can commission the official test to acquire the Qualitätssieger.de seal. 👍🏻

Your product DOES NOT PASS the pre-check :
You will receive a feedback report with recommendations for optimizing your product.