Costs & Process

Here you can find out everything about the costs and the process of officially commissioning our Qualitä seal of approval.

Our cost structure


costs the pre-check of a product. So it's absolutely free !
The pre-check is a brief preliminary check of the product to determine whether the product is suitable for a Qualitä seal of approval based on a number of important criteria.
Please note : An official test for the acquisition of the Qualitä seal can only be commissioned if this is passed positively.


after passing the pre-check and an official assignment, the costs for the

  • detailed product testing & quality assessment
  • Creation of the comprehensive test report
  • Seal creation for your product by our testers.

Good to know : Write to us if you want to have a large number of products checked and benefit from a tailor-made offer. (from 5 products)


you pay for the license to use the seal per day and product .
The minimum term of license use is 12 months .
From the second year, the license price is reduced to €0.49 .
Important : Variants do not usually have to be retested if they only differ in color or size.


is the useful life of our test seal. After that, the quality of the product can be confirmed by a new test for a further three years and its use can be extended .

The process of an assignment

  • Apply for the pre-check using our product registration form , in which you send us all the data about your product to be tested.

  • As soon as we have received this, you will receive a return email with precise instructions on how to send your test product to the tester responsible for your product category.

  • This will carry out the pre-check after the product has been received, which usually takes 2-3 days .
    You will then receive feedback from us with the result.

  • If you pass the pre-check, you can then officially commission the detailed product test , the extensive test report and the creation of the seal for your product.

  • This will be completed after about 5-7 days and published on our site .
    We will also send you your seal in various formats for use in your listing.