A seal for more security and trust

With a valuable and trustworthy seal of approval, a brand increases the value of your products right from the start and thus also the number of purchases. Furthermore, a seal of quality can help to stand out even more from the competition in an oversaturated market and to make the quality of your own products even easier to understand.

In the ideal case, increased trust in the product quality through a seal of approval directly ensures higher sales, better click-through rates and thus lower advertising costs.

  • 0€

    costs the pre-check of a product. So it's absolutely free! An official test for the acquisition of the Qualitätssieger.de seal can only be commissioned if this is passed positively.

  • 199€

    after passing the pre-check and an official order, the costs for the detailed product test, quality assessment and creation of the seal by our testers. -> Please write to us if you want to have a larger number of products checked!

  • €0.99

    companies and companies pay for the license to use the seal per day and product. The minimum term of license use is 12 months. -> From the second year the license price is reduced to €0.49!

  • 3 years

    is the useful life of our test seal. After that, the quality of the product can be confirmed by a new test for a further three years and its use can be extended.

Use of the Seal

The use of the Qualitätsseiger.de seal of approval is subject to the following terms of use:

  • The form, color or content of the test seal must not be changed in any way.

  • Use is only permitted on the product pages of the tested product and not on other pages or for other products. Variants are excluded from this rule after consultation.

  • The seal may only be used in the booked service period and applied to external advertising material.

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