Our test procedure

We carry out our tests according to a defined and replicable procedure in order to be able to evaluate products independently and objectively.

Each product is tested by hand by our experienced testers in various test categories. We not only collect relevant information about the test product from the Internet, but also subject it to a specific physical usage test in order to be able to evaluate it in specific areas in a comprehensible manner.

The final grade is then made up of points such as packaging, design, quality and value for money.

Important to know: When awarding our Qualitätssieger.de test seal, we do not evaluate the quality of the test product in comparison with other products available on the market, but in comparison with our standardized Qualitätssieger.de test standard.


    • Product packaging damaged?
    • Product packaging high quality?
    • Company name including address on the packaging?
    • Contact option on the packaging (e.g. e-mail address, customer hotline)?
    • Barcode on the packaging?

    • First impression (shape, color, handling)?
    • Unpleasant smell when unpacking?
    • Does the product fulfill the function / benefit?
    • How is the quality of the product?
    • Is there a risk of injury (e.g. due to sharp edges)
    • Are instructions for use included?

    • Price-performance ratio
    • Current rating on Amazon (number / average)?
    • Does the product match what is shown on the listing?
    • Evaluation of product reviews and customer experiences




    very good


    1.0 - 1.5

    1.6 - 2.5

    2.6 - 3.5

    3.6 - 4.5

    4.6 - 5.5

    5.6 - 6.0

Important questions

What exactly is the Qualitätssieger.de test seal for?

To support a safe purchase decision, we test products in order to publish them in a detailed test report. All test reports can be viewed at any time on the Qualitätssieger.de website under the associated QS code.

How is the independence of our test seal guaranteed?

Our free preliminary check and initial assessment of the products ensures that the detailed test for our qualitätssieger.de seal of approval can only be commissioned if the test product in the pre-check meets the requirements of our quality standard (QS standard).

Only then can a detailed test be commissioned. The cost of the test process is €199 per product.

The license to use the seal costs €0.99 per day and per product. The minimum term of the license is 12 months.

The useful life of our test seal is three years. The seal can then be confirmed for a further three years by re-testing the product.

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