Fresh Master brand preserving jars with lids

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Fresh Master brand preserving jars with lids

Fresh Master brand preserving jars with lids

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The preserving jars with lids from the Fresh Master brand impressed with very good scores. The test product therefore qualified for our Quality test seal and was ultimately given a final grade of 1.2.

Short product info:

The Fresh Master preserving jars are optimized, thick-walled and breakproof containers for keeping food fresh and storing them, ideal for extending their shelf life and quality.

About the test:
We carry out our product tests according to a transparent and coherent evaluation system. The final grade includes points such as packaging, functionality, quality, customer reviews and the price-performance ratio.
The maximum possible number of points per area is 100 points.
Evaluations are made in the following areas:

1. The packaging
2. The first impression
3. The Practical test
4. Price-performance ratio

Furthermore, the product reviews and customer experiences available for the product are also included in the evaluation.

Important to know: 
When awarding our Quality test seal, we do not evaluate the quality of the test product in comparison with other products available on the market, but rather in comparison with our standardized Quality test standard!
You can find further details on the testing criteria here .

Below is our detailed test report on the product.


Product: Mason jars with lids
Brand: Fresh Master
Tested: 16.04.2024
QS-Code: 96759321


The preserving jars with lids were in the cardboard outer packaging.
No further inner packaging was used.

We found the sustainability of the packaging to be very good.

The product was perfectly protected by the packaging

The brand name, the address and a contact option as well as the barcode are clearly visible on the outer packaging /strong>.


The first impression of the product convinced our testers with its high-quality appearance.
When unpacking the product, no bad smell was detected.

The glasses are delivered in a set of six and have a capacity of 500 ml.
The first use of the preserving jars is also good because the product is easy to use.

The preserving jars with lids are delivered without accessories. An operating manual is not included.


The preserving jars were developed to keep food fresh and safe and to make it edible even after a long time.
The preserving jars with lids serve this purpose excellently

Below we briefly explain how the test product works:
The swing-top jars offer an innovative, sustainable solution for keeping food as fresh as possible with their breakproof and high-strength features.

We found it particularly striking

    • Scope of delivery: 6x 1500ml preserving jars made of shatterproof glass with lids, special LongLife+ seal and stainless steel bracket, packed in a decorative color box
    • also suitable as a gift

The product has a clear benefit and offers the user the following advantages, among others:

    • Thick-walled, shatterproof glass
    • Special seal Long Life Plus for maximum durability and preservation of aromas
    • Reinforced stainless steel clip closure for long-lasting use without rust or loss of contact pressure
    • Dishwasher safe and suitable for high temperatures in the dishwasher and freezer

The preserving jars with lids are very easy to use.
When used properly, our testers found no risk of injury from sharp edges or protruding parts.


The preserving jars with lids from the Fresh Master brand can be ordered on the Amazon trading platform for €29.99.

This puts this product in the middle price segment, as other preserving jars are already available to purchase from €22.90.

145 Customers gave the product an average rating 4.0 stars.


In our test, the product preserving jars with lids from the brand Fresh Master received a very good final grade of 1.2 Result achieved and its quality was therefore confirmed perfectly in comparison with the standards of our quality standard ("QS standard")

[Zur Beachtung: Unsere Praxistests basieren vor allem auf dem ersten Eindruck, ohne Langzeit- oder Labortests. Wir übernehmen keine Haftung für Richtigkeit oder Vollständigkeit der Testergebnisse. Unsere Tests beziehen sich nicht auf gesetzliche Anforderungen, medizinische Wirkungen oder Inhaltsstoffe. Nutzen der Infos auf eigenes Risiko. Alle im Testbericht genannten variablen Angaben, wie Preise, Bewertungen, Testresultate u.ä., sind ausschließlich zum Zeitpunkt des Testdatums gültig.]

Breakdown of test categories

Top categories Achieved score*
Packaging, sustainability, labels 96.67
First impression, smell, quality, benefit, risk of injury 90
Customer opinions, reviews, product promises, price-performance 93.33
Total points according to QS standard 93.33
100 points maximum score

Point system

score Note
96-100 1
94-95 1.1
92-93 1.2
90-91 1.3
88-89 1.4
86-87 1.5
... ...