Radiator brush from Brushyz

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The Radiator brush of the brand Brushyz has with excellent score convinced. The test product has therefore earned our Qualitysieger.de test seal qualified and was concluded with the Endnote 1.2 rated.

Short product info:

The Brushyz brand radiator brush is a tool for cleaning and removing dust and dirt from the fins of radiators.

We carry out our product tests according to a transparent and coherent evaluation system. The final grade includes, for example: B. Points such as packaging, functionality, quality, customer reviews or the price-performance ratio are included.

About the test:
We carry out our product tests according to a transparent and coherent evaluation system.
The maximum possible number of points per area is 100 points.
Evaluations are made in the following areas:

1. The packaging
2. The first impression
3. The Practical test
4. Price-performance ratio

Furthermore, the product reviews and customer experiences available for the product are also included in the evaluation.

Important to know:
When awarding our qualitssieger.de test seal, we do not evaluate the quality of the test product in comparison with other products available on the market, but rather in comparison with our standardized qualtiessieger.de test standard!
You can find further details about the test criteria here.

Below is our detailed test report on the product.


Product: Radiator brush 
Marke: Brushyz
Tested: September 21, 2023
QS-Code: 56712920


The simple Outer packaging Plastic include the radiator brush.
On another inner packaging was waived.

We found the outer packaging to be sustainable expandable.

The product was through the packaging gut protected.

The outer packaging contains the brand name, the address and a contact option as well as the barcode printed legibly.


The quality of the product was very satisfying.
The product fell after unpacking not by an unpleasant smell.

The product has soft simultaneously robust breasts, which do not leave any scratches on the radiator and particularly gently are.

The radiator brush comes with sufficient Accessories supplied.
These are included in delivery following parts contain:

    • Free e-book

One Instructions for use is on the Outer packaging printed.


The product was developed to... Efficiency of radiators to increase, by Deposits and remove dust, which can hinder heat transfer.
The radiator brush serves this purpose terrific.

Below we briefly explain functionality of the test products:
The brush is placed between the slats of the cooled radiator inserted and moved back and forth to Staub and dirt to solve. After cleaning the radiator switched on again.

Particularly gut we found

    • More multifunctional Household use
    • protective cap at the end of the wire
    • no Hair loss
    • More comfortable Handle

The product has one clear benefit and thereby offers the user, among other things, the the following advantages:

    • Fits in narrow spaces
    • More flexible Wire with protective rubber coating
    • Soft, sturdy Breasts

The radiator brush can be very good use.
Our testers have with proper use no Risk of injury from sharp edges or protruding parts can be identified.



On the Amazon trading platform you can Radiator brush of the brand Brushyz for 9,95 € be ordered.

This means that this product is in the lower Price segment, as there are already other radiator brushes ab 9,98 € is available to purchase.

Since the radiator brush first recently is available, this has been the case so far not rated on Amazon.


In our test the product has Radiator brush of the brand Brushyz with the Endnote 1.2 a very good Result achieved and its quality therefore compares with the standards of our quality standard ("QS standard") perfectly confirmed.


[Disclaimer: All variable information mentioned in the test report, such as prices, ratings, test results, etc., are only valid at the time of the test date.]

Breakdown of test categories

Main categories Points scored*
Packaging, sustainability, labels 90
First impression, smell, quality, benefit, risk of injury 100
Price-performance 95
Customer opinions & reviews, product promises 88.33
Total points according to the QS standard 92.78
*100 points maximum score

Point system

score Note
96-100 1
94-95 1.1
92-93 1.2
90-91 1.3
88-89 1.4
86-87 1.5
... ...